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Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS): Living with the New and Improved Simplified Interface
Posted on August 3, 2016
Author: Andy Tauro, Performance Architects

It has been over a week now since Oracle rolled out the 16.07 update to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) in their customer’s production instances, and the reaction has been mixed because customers need to get used to doing things a little bit differently.  In other words, the functionality is the same, just organized differently. A “few” enhancements were thrown in as well.

Those who are willing to give it a try with an open mind will find that the interface has improved to a point that it is now possible to completely “give up” the old interface, and new users will not miss it at all. Now why the quotes for “give up?” That’s because the old interface hasn’t really gone away, as you will soon find out.

andy tauro1

As soon as the user logs in to the new interface, he or she will see a “to-do” list that shows what tasks are pending, allowing access to assigned tasks quickly and without needing to jump through multiple screens (fans of task lists rejoice!).

Another notable change is the addition of the icon to the left of the “Oracle” logo, which is the replacement to the “Navigate” button in EPM Workspace.

andy tauro2

A click on this icon brings up a whole host of menu items, especially many administrative tasks. This is what was earlier referred to as a “doing things differently.”  In other words, commonly used tasks can all be found here, you just go to a different place to find them.

My favorite thing about this patch is that all of this functionality can now be accessed through popular browsers like Google Chrome. So you can now work on your tasks on your Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones and/or Macs without missing a beat.

Need to submit those numbers while on the train? No need to pull out your laptop and to tether your phone, just pull out your smartphone (or phablet) and open the application in the web browser to complete your work. Being able to update or reprocess mappings and/or to kickoff jobs in “Data Management,” on your phone, while on the bus, just makes life that much easier!

We will be exploring a few of these in the next few posts, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you have used this interface and have some questions about it, or have some comments, feel free to drop a note.


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