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The Benefits of Using Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer versus Google Maps Analysis in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g
Posted on October 23, 2014
Author: Jon Kim, Performance Architects

Both the Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer (MVDEMO) and Google Maps map sources can deliver outstanding outcomes within OBIEE 11g.  One of the main differences is that MVDEMO maps are stored within your Oracle Database and Google Maps results are rendered over the internet.

MVDEMO allows you to:

  • Maintain greater control of how the background maps are displayed by customizing font sizes, colors of the grids and how layers are displayed on the maps
  • Utilize this feature without a network connection
  • Enhance control of security since no data is transferred via http websites

Is there a cost associated with using MVDEMO datasets?  The answer is “No,” but keep in mind that by using MVDEMO data sets, you are limited to using small number of sample datasets and will not have access to all of the details.  One way to get around this is by purchasing detailed maps from NAVTEQ.  This will allow you to access greater detail that you will need to graph maps in OBIEE.

Google Maps offers the following benefits:

  • Information consumers tend to be familiar with the look and feel of Google Maps and are often more attracted to its 3D street/city/region/country view features
  • You don’t need to store any map data in your Oracle database since all of the data is being rendered via an internet source

The table below captures various features and options for MVDEMO maps versus Google Maps:



Author: Jon Kim, Performance Architects


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