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So What is Endeca, Anyway?
Posted on August 7, 2013
Author: Kirby Lunger, Performance Architects

If you’re anything like the normal person in the greater Oracle end user community, you may be wondering what exactly Endeca is. Is it a company? A faceted search technology? An unstructured data management product? A web commerce product? A business intelligence solution? The answer is yes to all of the above. This post is to help clear up the confusion.

Some basic factoids on Endeca summarized from a helpful Wikipedia entry:

The term “Endeca” comes from the German word entdecken, meaning “to discover.” Endeca was a software company that was founded in 1999 in Cambridge, MA that offered a variety of e-commerceenterprise search and business intelligence (BI) solutions. The company went through several rounds of funding, backed by the likes of SAPBessemerVenrock, and Intel until it was acquired by Oracle in October 2011 for $1.075B.

Now, the term “Endeca” relates to various Oracle Endeca solutions that provide functionality across a range of Oracle application categories:

Oracle Endeca Commerce.

According to Oracle, this is part of the Oracle Commerce Solution (which merges together functionality from the Oracle ATG Commerce and Oracle Endeca Customer Experience platforms), and “enables your company to deliver a personalized, consistent customer buying experience across all channels – online, in-store, mobile, or social.” Products you may have heard of in this area include Oracle Endeca Experience Manager to “create, deliver, and manage content-rich, cross-channel customer experiences” and Oracle Endeca Guided Search to allow “customers to dynamically explore your storefront and find relevant and desired items quickly.” These offerings were formerly branded as Endeca’s “InFront” web commerce offerings.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (EID).

EID is “a purpose-built data discovery platform for exploring information from any source, enabling them to draw new insights, come to meaningful conclusions, and to innovate faster than ever before.” It is considered part of the Oracle Business Intelligence tools and technology solution offerings. This offering was formerly branded as Endeca’s “Latitude” software offering.

Oracle announced on July 1, 2013 that E-Business Suite (EBS) Extensions are now available through EID. This means that EBS users can access a “complete data view, key performance metrics, advanced visualizations, and instant search results across organizations and flexfields.” These span various EBS product areas including Asset Lifecycle and Service; Financials and Projects; Human Capital Management; Procurement; and Supply Chain Management. A solution brief about these offerings is available here and the Endeca OAUG SIG has an upcoming webinar on this topic on August 21st.

If you’re interested in getting more involved in the Endeca community, please consider connecting with the Oracle Applications User Group’s Endeca Special Interest Group (SIG) on the OAUG web site or on the Endeca SIG LinkedIn group.

Have additional questions? Post them below and we’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible!

Author: Kirby Lunger, Performance Architects

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