Working Here

A career at Performance Architects is different than you will find at any other business and technology consulting company. Our culture is unique and influences every action we take.

The extraordinary environment at Performance Architects starts with our team. Smart? Capable? Driven? Certainly. But we’re much more than that.

We employ sharp, determined individuals and leaders, who are also team players with a strong sense of integrity. We really like working with each other, but we also value maintaining rich personal lives away from our business commitments. We are vigorous and realistic, and we enjoy learning and helping each other to grow. We expect each other to want to continue to evolve and to form enduring partnerships and friendships with our network of clients and partners as well as within the Performance Architects family.

We work alongside intelligent colleagues who help nurture us to our next level of professional development, and who never let us fail. The people are the top reason all of us at Performance Architects chose to build a great organization together. Pursue your dreams and make a real, measurable impact – that’s Performance Architects.

We live our values.

Our core value is integrity. We do not tolerate dishonesty. If we don’t know something, we’ll tell you. And then we’ll ask you to help us learn about it. We always follow the right path, rather than the easy path. We expect those who we do business with to do the same.

We are passionate about our client focus. Everyone in the consulting arena claims to be “results oriented.” Performance Architects is unique in this regard. We expect that our work will unequivocally produce outcomes that make a difference for our clients and partners.

Learn, then teach is a mantra at the heart of the Performance Architects culture. We aren’t content just knowing what we already know. We expect our people to be at the bleeding edge of knowledge on a topic or interest area. This means that we invest a significantly higher amount than the consulting industry average on training and development for certifications and professional designations for our team.

Beyond keeping current with the latest and greatest education on relevant topics, Performance Architects expects our team to innovate and to push the boundaries of knowledge in our field. We encourage this both in our work with clients and in how we run the company. We constantly ask ourselves and each other, “How can I transform something that’s superior into something that’s exceptional?”