Who We Are

The Performance Architects team offers a diverse mix of functional, technical and industry backgrounds, as well as professional consulting skills. This rich combination of skills, talents and interests stimulates innovation and inventive approaches to our clients’ thorniest business challenges.


We are zealous about doing our best, always. We are inquisitive and team-oriented, but we are also a collection of leaders. We maintain a meritocracy, where capability and know-how at all times supersede title and rank.


Performance Architects’ team is comprised of people from all over the world. We come from diverse backgrounds and regions, and we are fluent in numerous languages.


We make exceptional efforts to assist our team in whatever way we can. We consider our teammates to be good friends who share a similar set of values. We extend this extraordinary support to our network of clients, partners and vendors, and to Performance Architects alumni.


Our firm is managed by a team of leaders. We are privately held, and therefore we are not under pressure to continuously improve shareholder returns or to increase earnings. As a result, we are able to use our values as our compass.


If a new opportunity comes our way, we simply ask, “Will this allow us to live and act according to our values?” When we cannot match our values to the opportunity in question, we walk away. If the opportunity fits with our values, it is easy for us to prioritize and to move forward quickly and decisively.