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What’s Old is New Again: Five Retro BI and EPM Capabilities That Are Now Superfly Webinar Preview
Posted on June 4, 2019
Author: Kirby Lunger, Performance Architects

Note: As a result of a travel conflict, this webinar has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 20th, from 1-2 PM EDT.  To register, please go to the registration link here.

The processes and technologies related to business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) have been around in one form or another for 20+ years now! During this time, some of the capabilities we thought were gospel fell out of favor.

In the past few years, the move to the cloud; advances in data visualization and discovery techniques; and increases in compute storage and power (as well as many other factors) contributed to a resurgence in five key areas coming back into vogue in what’s now called the “enterprise analytics” market.

During Performance Architects’ upcoming webinar, “What’s Old is New Again: Five Retro BI and EPM Capabilities That Are Now Superfly” on Tuesday, June 11th, from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT, I’ll take a walk down memory lane to revisit the origin of these concepts, how they evolved, how they’re different today, and why they matter to your job and the evolution of your EPM and analytics environments so that you can make these retro concepts superfly!

These concepts include:

  1. Strategy management and analysis
  2. Semi-structured or unstructured content analysis
  3. Data governance, integration and master data management (MDM)
  4. AI (artificial…now autonomous intelligence, with a nod to machine learning and intelligence)
  5. Big data (now, just…well…data)

Want to learn more?!?  Register here.

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