Technical Services

Technologies that help organizations initiate and sustain top performance are traditionally grouped under the “enterprise analytics” moniker, which includes solution categories such as “business intelligence” or “performance management.”

These terms simply mean that an organization is trying to pull together their internal corporate data and any external data they are able to obtain into a technical solution where they can translate this data into information to make better business decisions.

Our technology services include:

  • Application Services (Software-as-a-Service or SaaS). We can implement packaged applications or develop custom solutions to address any aspect of performance management and analytics/business intelligence processes, including dashboards; scorecards;  management, financial and operational reporting and analysis; financial and operational planning, budgeting and forecasting; financial close and consolidation; profitability and cost management; and strategy management.
  • Database/Data Storage & Data Integration Services. We build solutions to aggregate, store, integrate and translate data to source into performance management and analytics/business intelligence applications, such as data warehouses and other data storage solutions, data marts, and extract, transform & load (ETL) and other data integration solutions.
  • Infrastructure and Managed Services. Our infrastructure services allow you to build a strong foundation for your performance management and analytics/business intelligence environments.  These services include installation, migrations, and upgrades; performance testing and tuning; and full outsourcing and hosting.
  • Training.  Rather than only providing formal training at the end of an engagement or in a classroom “fee-per-student” setting, Performance Architects believes in the value of “learning and teaching as we go.”  We schedule time for knowledge transfer into every single project we work on with clients.  We can also provide more formal training on specific technical or business subjects on an “as needed” basis to clients and partners.