Support Network

The Performance Architects environment is designed to help you do your best work. We strive to be good friends and team members, meaning that we will go the extra mile for each other, either on a client engagement or in our personal lives.


Your support network at Performance Architects includes:


  • Regular assessments and coaching. Company leadership meets regularly with each consultant to create a “Personal Development Plan” with milestones and goals. We work with you to check progress along the way and to make sure that you’re working towards achieving the objectives we established together.
  • Formal mentorship. When you start at Performance Architects, you will be assigned a coach/mentor who will help guide you throughout your career at the company.
  • Training and certification programs. In order to provide advice and guidance to clients and partners, we need to “know our stuff.” We invest a significantly higher amount than the consulting industry average on training and development for certifications and professional designations for our team.
  • Informal training and mentoring. The most valuable learning and growth happens on-site at clients or on Fridays in Performance Architects’ offices through informal mentoring and discussions with other Performance Architects team members.

There are no limits to how rapidly you can progress in your career at Performance Architects.


Performance Architects is a meritocracy. Our system of regular reviews and planning ensures that every employee understands exactly what’s needed to move to the next level of professional growth and how to get there.