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Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS): Twelve Month Farewell Tour for the “Standard Interface”
Posted on December 7, 2016
Author: Chuck Persky, Performance Architects

Not quite the fanfare of the final episode of Seinfeld… and not the emotional impact of the Derek Jeter farewell tour (which as a Sox fan, seemed to last for eons)…but we knew it was coming, and now we know when.

Oracle Corporation documented in their Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) December 2016 release notes that the PBCS standard interface will no longer be available, beginning in December of 2017, and all PBCS subscriptions will utilize the more modern and mobile friendly, simplified interface (SI).

From Oracle:

The simplified interface, an option available in the service since November 2014, will be established as the standard across the service. As a result, the current Standard Interface, which is also known as the Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Workspace, will be discontinued starting the December 2017 update. To prepare for this change, have your users familiarize themselves with the Simplified Interface using the following information sources:  

What does this mean to you?

For PBCS subscribers who chose to utilize the SI, or for customers that activated their PBCS subscription after July 31, 2016, this is not relevant. However, for the many early adopters of PBCS, who implemented during a time when the simplified interface (SI) was not entirely proven, solutions were implemented with the “standard” interface. For these customers, change is here. However, this change should not be viewed as a bad thing!

The Simplified Interface is now a well-proven and well-functioning user interface that contains all of the existing “standard” interface functionality, and more. Do not wait until December 2017 to try SI out! Whether you enlist the help of experts (like my organization, Performance Architects), or do it on your own, I recommend that you dive in and learn how to navigate with the new SI. By moving now, you will afford your organization the appropriate time to learn and embrace this interface. In the end, you will like working with the new interface, and be happy that you did so.


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