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Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS): The “Simplified” Interface Becomes the “Standard” Interface in November 2015
Posted on June 2, 2015
Author: Chuck Persky, Performance Architects

For most of the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) product lifetime, customers could use PBCS with either the traditional Oracle Hyperion Planning interface or the newer simplified interface, with the latter providing a more streamlined and mobile-friendly experience. While this newer “simplified” interface offers a “modern” look and feel, not all functions of PBCS were included in the PBCS simplified interface at product launch. As such, many organizations used PBCS with the traditional Planning interface.

Over the past year, Oracle has significantly increased the usability and functionality of the simplified interface. With the latest June service release document (which can be viewed from the Admin Tools / Maintenance section from the landing page in PBCS), Oracle has cemented its position and timeline with respect to Planning and PBCS interface future plans:

“Oracle is committed to providing a simple and intuitive user experience to the users of the service. To achieve this goal, the simplified interface, an option available in the service since November 2014, will be established as the standard across the service. Starting with the November 2015 service update, all service functionality will be available through the simplified interface only.

So, what does this mean? It does not mean that you need to panic. It simply means that the November PBCS service release will change your PBCS environment so that users can only access your application via the simplified interface. Essentially, this release makes the simplified interface the standard interface; and does not allow usage of the traditional interface.

The good news here is that you do not need to do anything!  You do not need to make any changes to the application or to user settings. This will all magically happen in November 2015. Depending on the general capabilities of your user base and on their experience with PBCS, there may be a learning curve and some growing pains in getting people up to speed in using the simplified interface. To this end, I recommend having users familiarize themselves with the interface now, before November. By doing this now, you are providing the users with the experience of using the latest interface, and also allowing them to switch back to the traditional interface if and when they experience any issues or confusion early on. For many, it may be far less problematic to be eased into something new, than to be abruptly forced into it.

If providing your users with these choices proves to be too much in the near-term, I recommend having your administrators and power users come up to speed, allowing them to coach the user population when the time comes. To help with this journey, Oracle offers the following documents:

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on the simplified interface.  If you need help with your Oracle Hyperion Planning and PBCS interface evolution, send the Performance Architects team a note at sales@performancearchitects.com.

Author: Chuck Persky, Performance Architects


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