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Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Icons Missing in Assign Access Control Screen Without PSU 004
Posted on November 11, 2015
Author: Andy Tauro, Performance Architects

If your organization runs Oracle EPM (Hyperion) version, you’ll want to apply the Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Patch Set Update (PSU) 004 (21933398) because without it, the icons are missing in the “Assign Access Control” screen!

Security Administrators for Oracle Essbase applications in an Oracle EPM (Hyperion) environment will be familiar with the ‘Assign Access Control’ screen in Shared Services. This is the screen that you go to in order to assign security filters, as well as to change user types (Essbase, Planning, etc.):

In version, the icons on this screen that allow you to select the users you want to update or look up were missing. Instead, you only saw outlines of these outlines. Folks well versed with this screen could still get it to work, since they would know where to click (just like you may know your way around your house in the dark)…but that group of people does not include a very large subset of Hyperion administrators.

The good news is that Oracle has now fixed the issue as part of the latest PSU for EAS. Applying this patch is easy, and Hyperion administrators can now have one less headache in their day.

Any concerns or questions about applying patches in your Oracle EPM (Hyperion) environment? Or have some feedback on this or any other patch? Feel free to drop us a note at communications@performancearchitects.com


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