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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Sample Application Now Available
Posted on June 12, 2013
Author: Kirby Lunger, Performance Architects

The new Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) sample application (V305) is now available as of June 12, 2013. The new sample application does a good job at displaying all the latest and greatest features of OBIEE As with the prior release, the sample application is now deployed only on Oracle Virtual Box (OVB) – and there is no longer an option to deploy directly on your machine (well, not without a lot of manual effort!). Having said that, this blog post summarizes the highlights of what is available for the OVB deployment of the OBIEE Sample App.

Application Versions

  • OEL 5.9 64bit
  • OBIEE Enterprise install
  • Oracle Database, AWM,
  • APEX 4.2 & APEX Listener 2.0
  • ORE 1.3 & R-2.15.1
  • ENDECA 3.0, EID Studio
  • EPM plug and play companion
  • Utils : Start Scripts, Map Builder 11ps5 ,
  • SQLDev 3.2.20

Deployment and Scalability

  • A 64-bit enterprise install (finally!)
  • Auto IP recognition

New Display Features

  • Interactions
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Smart View Integration
  • All new standard Views (Performance Tiles, Waterfall Charts)
  • New print and dashboard layout options (“freeze panes” for dashboards)
  • Map lines, map targets, non-BI layers…and more
  • Blob images content integration
  • Mobile-optimized pages

John Blog 1

BI + Essbase Integration

  • Provides the ability to spin off Essbase cubes from a dashboard
  • Direct calc script/MaxL running and creation using Action Framework
  • Direct contextual write-back to an Essbase cube from OBIEE using Action Framework
  • Essbase as a target for the Aggregate Persistence wizard
  • Dynamic selection of Essbase aliases in the RPD

OBIEE Custom Function Interactions

  • JS additions to Userscripts.js
    – AF Launch of Contextual LSQL or ODBC procedure (clear cache, write back, etc.)
    – Popup contextual drilling from any report
    – Fully source OBIEE from any web service
    – Leverage UTL_HTTP database, within/outside same Origin Policy
  • Actions leveraging OBIEE Go URLs
    – Running BI contextual searches from any report (what to search, where to search, etc.)
  • Other custom dashboard JSs
    – Incrementally update/edit presentation variables
    – Collapse or expand all dashboard sections on a page
  • Custom Java program utilities
    – Concurrency simulation (monitor system while large volume of users/sessions/reports are multithreaded on it)
    – Physical SQL Generator (generate all your physical SQL without hitting your databases)

BI + Db Advanced Analytics

  • OBIEE end users can seamlessly leverage database capabilities
  • Frequent Itemset (native market basket analysis capability)
  • ‘Model’ clause calculations to project future values
  • Source OBIEE from any web service using Db UTL WS capability
  • OBIEE interacts with Spatial NDM (Network Data Model) via WLS servlet
  • OBIEE explores huge data with Db Descriptive Analytics, including configuring report-to-DB interaction for interactive and performant analysis on Bns of rows (granular source)

BI + Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) Integration

  • OBIEE CEIM consumes ORE result sets as a data source
  • OBIEE natively exposes ORE formats such as tabular, png, BLOB and XML
  • Author ORE scripts directly from the OBIEE dashboard with no RPD interaction
  • Dashboard end user transparently consumes ORE analysis and visuals
  • ORE runs analysis on OBIEE Common Enterprise Information Model (CEIM) via JDBC

BI + Endeca Integration

  • Integrates Endeca + Dashboard, with OBIEE interacting/drilling directly into Endeca
  • Endeca directly sources OBIEE WebCat and RPD
  • Includes Endeca 6M Rows+ Airline demo application
  • OBIEE sends EQL results via JS connection to Endeca WS

BI + EPM/FR Integration

  • Installs default EPM
    – Includes Essbase Server, EAS, EIS, APS, Studio, FR, EPM Workspace
    – Starts automatically with OBIEE startup, with minimal system overhead
  • Financial Reporting Studio enabled to:
    – Run against OBIEE Essbase installation
    – Webcat-stored FR reports example, with an embedded dashboard
  • Standalone EPM “tar” available as plug and play into SampleApp V305
    – Includes Foundation Services, full Workspace, Oracle Planning, FR, APS and Essbase
    – Can easily be expanded to more EPM web applications

BI Large Dataset-Enabled

1. Medium-sized schema BISAMPLE_EXA

  • Generic 5M rows fact, ~800MB
  • Dense dimensionality: 10k Cust x 200 Prods x 200 Empl x 20 Offices x 3 Yrs
  • OOB comes with:
    – ORCL Granular Schema,
    – ORCL Aggregate Schema (and scripts)
    – Essbase Aggregate Cube (and scripts)
    – Enhanced Turnkey Data Inflator Scripts to massively grow the data

2. Medium-sized schema BI_AIRLINES

  • “Real life” 6.3M fact rows, 5.5GB
  • Dimensionality: 7k Flight# x 5k Air Routes x 20 Carriers x 1 Yr
  • OOB comes with:
    – ORCL Granular Schema
    – ORCL Agg Schema (and scripts)
    – TT Agg Schema (and scripts)
    – ESSB Agg Cube (and scripts)
  • Can be swapped with actual Exalytics Airline demo dataset (130MRows, 15 GB)

Author: John McGale, Performance Architects

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