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New OBIEE 12c Feature: Dashboard Subpages
Posted on July 20, 2016
Author: Doug Ross, Performance Architects

Oracle released Version of the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) platform in late June 2016. While the majority of new features are focused on the “Data Visualization” component, there is one new feature for traditional OBIEE environments that may be of interest, called “dashboard subpages.” These can be very beneficial to implementations requiring dashboards with many pages. Now those pages can be grouped logically using subpages under individual higher-level dashboards.

The process of creating a dashboard subpage is very straightforward.  For this example, a dashboard will be created with two dashboards tabs – one for revenue-related analyses and the other for quantity-related analyses.

We’ll begin by creating a new “Product Analysis” dashboard:

Initially, we will not add any content to the dashboard:

Next, we will add a second dashboard page named “Quantity” and rename the first dashboard page to be “Revenue”:

Now, we’ll take advantage of the new OBIEE 12c dashboard subpage feature to add three subpages to the Revenue dashboard. The “Add Subpage” option is available under the “Add Dashboard Page” icon on the “Edit Dashboard” screen:

The dialog box is similar to the “Add Dashboard Page” box with a required “Subpage Name” and an optional description:


The new subpage is added to the current dashboard page and displays as a separate tab on that page.   For this example, we’ll add two more subpages to the Revenue dashboard and then add content from the web catalog to each subpage:


Next, we’ll add another subpage to the “Quantity Dashboard Page” and add content to that page:

The finished dashboard now has two separate pages, each with multiple subpages:


Working with subpages is consistent with the previous dashboard page capabilities with all the similar options to delete, rename, move, or set other properties:

From a web catalog perspective, the subpages are stored as objects within the same folder as the dashboard pages and there is no visible indication that an object is a subpage:

In summary, the new dashboard subpage feature of OBIEE is an easy way to provide better control of, and organization to, your dashboard content.


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