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How to Address “The Startup Folder Specified Does Not Exist in the Repository” Error in Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Workspace
Posted on September 7, 2016
Author: Andy Tauro, Performance Architects

During a recent project, where we were upgrading the base operating system (OS) of an Oracle Exalytics X2-4 In-Memory machine to Oracle Linux 6 image, we had to create a temporary pre-production server. This machine was meant to stand-in for production support activities, while the Oracle Hyperion Planning environments that the Exalytics machines hosted were offline. As part of this, the solutions deployed on the Exalytics machine were migrated over to the temporary server, and one of the tools used was the LCM (Life Cycle Management) utility. This is a popular utility for moving solution objects between environments of the same version.

After we migrated the solution artifacts during the usual health check, we discovered that every user, be it an Administrator, or a Report Viewer, was getting this error when they open the “Explore” module of Oracle EPM Workspace to access their reports: “The startup folder specified does not exist in the repository.”

As per Oracle KB article 2132131.1, the cause is due to an incorrect interpretation of user preferences as they were imported into the target environment.

To fix this for an individual user, the user must update ‘Preferences.’

The ‘Default’ and ‘New Document’ folders point to incorrect locations.

These folders need to be changed to point to a valid location, such as the ‘Root’ folder.

Once both options have been updated, log off and log back in and the error message should not appear anymore.


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