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Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Performance Architects’ blog!  Below you will find details on our editorial guidelines and content interests.

Our editorial mission is to advance learning in the enterprise analytics arena (comprised of the enterprise performance management or EPM, analytics, business intelligence or BI, and data discovery markets), as well as supporting solutions such as data integration and governance ( including ETL or ELT) and data stores.  We are also very interested in discussing industry-specific and functional trends related to these areas.

Reasons to Publish a Guest Post on Performance Architects’ Blog

Our guest bloggers cite the following reasons for writing a guest post for the Performance Architects Blog:

  • Networking
  • Professional development and career advancement (with Performance Architects and the blog audience!)

Our Audience

While we strive to provide content that educates anyone in the business analytics field, we specifically target three reader profiles:

  • Industry trends content relevant to leaders in the enterprise analytics field (e.g., how government regulatory changes might influence student recruitment and retention analytics in higher education, how consolidation is impacting healthcare or banking M&A analysis, etc.)
  • Decision-makers in functional areas in the enterprise analytics field with topics relevant to their work (e.g., budgeting and forecasting best practices, how to address big data in an organization, etc.)
  • Technical and analytical team members who work with decision-makers and leaders to build solutions to support the enterprise analytics process with technical “how to” instructions and product updates (e.g., the differences between on-premises and software-as-a-service enterprise analytics solutions from a specific vendor, how to modify security or data integration capabilities in a certain solution, etc.)

Editorial Guidelines

We maintain a limited quantity of guest contributor publishing spaces, so we accept posts with these general guidelines:

  • We cannot accept partial posts (we don’t review pitches!) or link exchange requests
  • Posts need to advance understanding of the enterprise analytics market, so we only accept new thinking in this area – we are not looking for recycled content (we don’t accept previously published posts)
  • Content should provide some utility; they don’t have to offer detailed instructions (unless they include a technical how-to), but they do have to give some direction towards an important thought or takeaway
  • Include real-life examples and  case studies to demonstrate the content whenever possible
  • Writer should document personal affiliations related to content
  • Properly attribute any data, quotes, charts or other third-party content (we run a plagiarism checker!)

 Requested Blog Categories and Examples

The types of posts we look for include:

“Thought leadership” posts related to specific industry segments, functional areas, or key industry events or gatherings: Enterprise analytics is a constantly changing field, and Performance Architects wants to continue to be at the forefront of communicating “what’s next.” Examples include:

Technical or functional instructional posts that offer checklists and “step-by-step” guides, such as:

Product and solution updates that provide insight on a specific product release or capability:

Editorial Schedule and Process

Since we receive a high volume of guest blog submissions, we ask for your patience! As a result of submission volume, we cannot provide feedback on why a guest post was not accepted.

If your content matches our editorial guidelines, we will contact you within one month of submission to schedule a date for publication. We will try our best to meet any specific publication date requests, but we cannot always do so.

All Performance Architects blog posts are promoted via social media, and we encourage our guest bloggers to do the same.

While we only accept new content for publication, our guest blog post authors are welcome to publish their posts elsewhere, with these requirements:

  • Any subsequent posts of the same content should cite the Performance Architects blog as the original source and should link back to this content on the Performance Architects web site
  • Maintain a two-week break between publication on the Performance Architects blog and any other site

How to Submit and What to Include with a Guest Blog Post

Email a Microsoft Word file containing the blog post between 500 – 2000 words to communications@performancearchitects.com with the email subject line, “Guest blog post submission” and include a bio of ~100 words or less that includes any social media (e.g., Twitter handle, Facebook page URL, LinkedIn profile link URL) or other relevant links (e.g., your blog or your employer web site).