Functional Services

In order to achieve top performance levels, most organizations start with a vision and a strategy that the leadership cascades down to groups, divisions, and individuals within the organization through the planning process.

Whether your organization has already taken this first step – or whether your functional area is looking to enhance operational or tactical reporting, analytics or processes – Performance Architects can help your group improve your organization’s performance.

Our functional services include:

  • Finance & Accounting Services. The Finance & Accounting groups often own the systems and processes that are at the heart of translating an organization’s vision into operating plans. Services include implementing or augmenting budgeting and planning, financial close and consolidation, and operational and management modeling processes and applications.
  • Human Resources Services. The Human Resources function sets the stage for how an organization’s people act to translate vision into action. Services include organizational analytics and HR-specific dashboards and scorecards.
  • Information Technology Services. The IT function generally manages the platform on which an organization’s entire performance management program rests. Services include Performance Architect’s Technology Services to assist an IT organization in building or enhancing an organization’s performance management environment, and also IT organization-specific dashboards or scorecards.
  • Operations Services. Operations groups such as Manufacturing, Product Development and Supply Chain provide the goods and services that the rest of the organization depends upon. Services include supply chain, product development and manufacturing analytics and dashboards.
  • Sales & Marketing Services. The Sales & Marketing functions generate lots of customer and partner data that often sits in various functional systems that aren’t integrated. Services include channel, customer, marketing efficiency and effectiveness, and pricing analytics, and Sales-specific and Marketing-specific dashboards and scorecards.
  • Strategy Services. The Strategy function sets the vision for the rest of the organization. Services include performance management system selection and implementation and strategic finance process and system implementation.