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OATUG Analytics, BI and Big Data SIG: Beyond the Boardroom – The Role of Big Data in the Maintenance Department
Event on: Thursday, June 11th, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT - Thursday, June 11th, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT

Join the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG) Analytics, BI and Big Data Special Interest Group (SIG) in a discussion with Ted Chappell of STR Software in a discussion about how maintenance departments are embracing “Big Data” to improve their operations.

As industry buzzwords go, “Big Data” is being embraced amongst executives in the boardroom and amongst marketers and sales teams trying to find new ways to communicate with and sell to customers. Other groups and departments are scrambling to find ways to use Big Data to improve their operations—and the Maintenance Department is no exception. This is particularly evident as Oracle eAM users are considering a move to Oracle Maintenance Cloud, for which Oracle is heavily promoting the concept of Predictive (data-driven) Maintenance. Unfortunately, for those in the maintenance industry, Preventative Maintenance is still favored by 78% of maintenance teams, two tiers below the top of the Maintenance Pyramid.

This session will explore the role of Big Data for the future of maintenance. More importantly, we will discuss how maintenance departments can leverage the tools and information available to them now—inside both Oracle eAM and Oracle Maintenance Cloud—to begin a path toward Predictive Maintenance.

We are promoting this webinar because one of Performance Architects’ team members volunteers on the SIG Board.

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