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An Analysis of Improved Microsoft Office Integration in Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF) Version
Posted on February 19, 2014
Author: Ron Woodlock, Performance Architects

Beginning with the release of Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF), we saw a greater emphasis on integration with Microsoft’s Office products.  The migration from legacy client applications to Smart View has been bumpy for other Hyperion products, but the good news is that in the move to HSF Version, we didn’t witness this same rough road!

Additional features and functionality were migrated to the new Smart View interface in the latest version (   The list of functionality that can be accessed through the legacy client applications includes: Maps, Batches and opening Drafts or Archives.  Most end users of this product can work exclusively in Excel with the Strategic Planning and Smart View add-ins.

Migrating from earlier versions will present end users with some minor challenges:

  1. Calculating takes longer, and each report or worksheet that is open will increase the overall calculation duration. I found myself working exclusively in the “Accounts” view, leveraging some of the calculated totals to validate the results of the model as it was built.  Some additional up front time is needed to build “Account Groups” but is worth the effort.  Hopefully, with future releases, this calculation duration will shorten and users will be able to open as many reports as they like.
  2. There are a number of ways to save the work that is being done through the Smart View interface but it isn’t clear what each does.  Consequently, I’ve been hitting the “Save” button and the “Recalculation” button to be sure I don’t lost valuable work!

Overall, the latest release is a very large step in the right direction.  As with most of the Hyperion products, users spend most of their time in Excel so this change will make doing their jobs easier.

Author: Ron Woodlock, Performance Architects


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