A Week in the Life

Every project, client, industry, and team is unique, so there is no way to outline what your exact role and tasks might look like. Regardless of your level, on any project, you’ll be participating in the following kinds of activities: learning and analyzing the client’s business and technical needs and designing (or redesigning!) a technical solution or functional process; forming and testing hypotheses and creating recommendations and findings for the client’s project and management team; and – where appropriate – building, testing and deploying a technical solution to support required business changes.


We work together in small teams, generally comprised of two to six consultants in partnership with a project team from the client’s organization. Our teams are fluid, and are formed to focus on solving a particular business or technical issue, with a usual duration of two to six months. A team is generally established by matching team members with the most relevant industry, technical or business experience to the business need, and also with the best match for growth opportunities for our consultants. Teams are comprised of a variety of roles with responsibilities for specific areas of the project, and generally include a Principal, a Manager and Architect, and some combination of a Senior Consultant or Consultants.


We have a distinctive culture focused on ties to a specific office and region. Our entire team works on-site at client locations Monday through Thursday, and reconvenes in their regional office headquarters every Friday for formal and informal training sessions; for company status updates; and to network and socialize with each other. We also spend a good deal of time on Fridays working remotely on client project tasks.


We operate as “one culture.” This means that we expect consultants on every project – no matter what the subject matter or situation – to share the same approach to discussing the situation and to developing solutions.